MECSH Program Components

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The MECSH program has five core elements:

  1. Supporting mother and child health and wellbeing, including observation and support of child, maternal and family health and development, parent-infant interaction, and provision of primary health care and health education.
  2. Supporting mothers to be future oriented and aspirational for themselves, their child and family.
  3. Supporting family and social relationships within the extended family, with the family’s communities and with other health and social services.
  4. Additional support in response to need including interventions by the MECSH nurse and additional support accessed through the tiered service system.
  5. Child development parent education program delivery. This is a structured program of parent education about child development and the MECSH uses the Learning to Communicate (LtC) program.

The components of the MECSH Program are delivered through at least 25 home visits by the same MECSH program nurse/health visitor during the remainder of pregnancy and the first 2 years post birth, group activities and engagement with community services and supports for families with young children.

MECSH program summary